Reformation of Character

This concise yet comprehensive book was written by one of the great sages and illustrious scholars of the modern era – the late Knower of Allah, Ḥaḍrat Mawlānā Ḥakīm Muḥammad Akhtar (may Allah have mercy on him) – as a beginner’s guide to reforming one’s character. The translation of this brief treatise is a boon …

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The Gracious Quran

The Gracious Quran is a modern-phrased interpretation of the Quran and its meanings in english which is both highly reliable and powerful.

Inner Dimensions Of Islamic Worship

This book provides readers a powerful and inspiring journey through the inner dimensions of a range of Islamic actions including prayer, zakat (almsgiving), fasting, and pilgrimage. Written by the great figure in Islamic history, Imam Al-Ga zali, this book allows readers to realize the benefits of the upliftment of one’s spiritual, social, and moral qualities.

The Path To Perfection

The Path to Perfection is written by the student of the eminent scholar Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Shaykh Masihullah Khan. It is a much needed anti-dote to the many spirituals diseases that are inflicting the Ummah today. Those new to the spiritual sciences will delight in the range of profundity of psychological and spirituality disciplines …

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The Ideal Muslimah

A detailed book that goes into the qualities that create the Ideal Muslimah that imitates the nobility of the Female Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The book is a ocean of resource covering everything from a woman’s relationship with Allah, marriage, family, and so on.

The Duties Of Brotherhood In Islam

Imam al-Ghazali goes into depth in the meaning and significance of fraternity in Islam. The book covers different topics in relation to that such as material assistance, personal aid, holding one’s tongue, speaking out, forgiveness, loyalty, sincerity, and informality.

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