Prophetic Principles for Life

From Darknesses to Light: Overcoming Desires, Doubts, and Sins on the Path to Allah

Rejuvenating Our Faith: Renewing Our Faith In An Era of Faithlessness

Heavenly Beacon: Dispelling the Darkness of Confusion Through the Light of Divine Knowledge

Verily After Hardship Comes Ease: Fortifying Our Hearts, Minds, & Souls in the Midst of the Current Pandemic

Reviving Islamic Literacy: Sacrifice (Phoneix, Arizona)

Reviving Islamic Literacy: Sacrifice (Cleveland, Ohio)

The Revival of Islamic Literacy (Seattle, Washington)

Under the Shade of His Throne

Reviving Islamic Literacy: Sacrifice (Chicago, Illinois)

The Revival of Islamic Literacy (Chicago, Illinois)

Hidden Blessings: Recognize, Understand, & Benefit from the Struggles of Life

Khalil Center Workshop: The Psychology of Personal Change

Islamic Holistic Health Weekend Workshop

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